Military Construction Projects

At Collins Construction, we handle every military construction project with the same excellence that exemplifies our men and women in uniform. Effective communication is the core of our success from initial planning to project completion. We begin each military construction project by listening to the needs of our customers, then carefully plan to honor budget parameters and deliver a high-quality result within the timeline given to us.

Because military bases are active sites with security considerations, we coordinate our projects around base activities while maintaining a safe worksite. Our high safety standards meet EM 385 requirements, and our team is Quality Control Management (QCM) certified. Our team’s extensive experience with military construction results in meticulous coordination from the very onset of each project to the 3-phase inspection process required by the U.S. government.

And we have personal ties to the military as well – three of our team members are proud military veterans – and three others have extensive experience with military construction, including our Quality Control Manager who worked on military construction projects for four decades with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

Quality workmanship. Excellence in all we do. At Collins Construction we believe our military men and women deserve nothing less.

Our Military Projects include:
  • 165th Air National Guard, Garden City, Ga
  • Ft. Gordon, Augusta, Ga
  • Ft. Jackson, Columbia, SC
  • Ft. Gillem Army Base, Forest Park, Ga
  • Hunter Army Air Field, Savannah, Ga

“ From top to bottom, Collins Construction management team met and exceeded contractual requirements. Despite many challenges during calendar year 2020, including weather delays and a worldwide pandemic, Collins Construction overcame what seemed to be insurmountable delays. Without a doubt I highly recommend working with the Collins Construction team in the future.”




“Collins Construction efficiently managed resources and personnel to meet project goals and remain on schedule, while working with subcontractors in a professional manner. Collins was also very responsive with reviewing and resolving issues, avoiding obstacles that would have delayed the contract. Both the field and home office staff kept us informed and was very engaged with following through with project status and expectations.”


From Ft Gordon 14600 Renovation & Addition


“Collins Construction was committed to providing a quality facility and exhibited excellent coordination, control and management with subcontractors, resolved any issues related to schedules or performance, and always insured that project goals were met. Collins' executive staff was engaged in all phases of the design and construction activities, and was very responsive in meeting challenges when they occurred at the project site, keeping progress and project goals moving in the right direction. ”


Ambulance Dispatch


“The Collins Construction team was highly professional, motivated, and conscientious. They were a true partner in effectively completing this contract. It would be a pleasure to work with them again. Additionally, Collins Construction was a pleasure to work with from their corporate leadership down to the field level staff. From award to completion, the contractor demonstrated dedication to the project in areas of quality, safety, environmental, and effective communication. Their attitude and sense of duty is what made this project successful. I would wholeheartedly work with them again in the future as this project had minimal concerns. The government’s management team had minimal necessary involvement as this contractor is a self-starter, self-driven, performance, quality/safety minded company.”


Ft. Jackson